This is my whole life’s work: to create extraordinary, perfect, exclusive cosmetics, rejecting what is conventional.
So please, beyond the story, pay attention to the real pleasure that comes when balance is created on the face.


Creating extraordinary cosmetics

The goal was clear when we were told that it was impossible to create an effective cosmetic,
with true results and a new texture reminiscent of a cream and a serum.
We do this based on a unique trilogy of three elements: exceptional ingredients, results, personalization.

As you can imagine the result is extraordinary.


cosmetici straordinari

We look for the most amazing and effective ingredients every year. For this reason we always offer new products. We create sensorial and inimitable formulas that combine the texture of a cream and the effectiveness and concentration of a serum. We produce our cosmetics on request, in this way the cosmetic is always fresh and can benefit from the maximum action of the active ingredients, without these degrading over time.


cosmetici straordinari

Each of our cosmetics is a symbol of excellent quality and extraordinary know-how. To be able to exceed your expectations, each formula is scientifically tested numerous times with clinical studies and dermatological tests. Only then do we combine the active ingredients in a unique way to be able to develop all their power. We only work with the best Italian Universities and Research Centers that share with us the total passion for excellence.


The exclusive service ofAlta Manifattura Cosmetica

The face is so unique, no two are alike.
“Made to measure” is a personalized and professional service,
each formula is created based on the unique characteristics of each face without adding unnecessary substances.
​With this exclusive service, our cosmetics are made according to the needs of each woman’s skin:
this is also an absolute novelty far from traditional cosmetics.
We do all this to give you once again an uncompromising result.